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Anyone, Anywhere Can

Start a School Without Walls Bring a School Online Start a School Without Walls Bring a School Online Start a School Without Walls

Anyone, Anywhere can start and manage a school seamlessly
with or without walls.
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Who Can Use EduMESS?
(Nursery, Primary, and Secondary).
K-12 schools provide education from kindergarten to 12th grade with Nursery, Primary, and Secondary school programs on one campus or district.
Administration & Analytics
Stress-free, oversee admissions and monitor departments including hostels, cafeterias, clinics, libraries, stores, etc.
Easily share ward-specific info with parents about fees, activities, progress, etc. Send notifications for special days/events.
Academics & E-learning
EduMESS supports learning online, Grading, result sheet management, and more all go through an automated process.
Finance & Inventory
EduMESS offers a platform for school owners to track finances, fees, and salaries, and generate personalized bills per student or class.

(Universities, Polytechnics, College of Education and all other higher Institutions)

EduMESS is a platform for schools that offers administration and analytics, communication, academics and e-learning, and finance and inventory management. It enables schools to oversee admissions, monitor departments, communicate with parents, support online learning, automate grading and result sheet management, and track finances, fees and so much more.
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12,000+ people already joined the EduMESS.
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We are Trusted By:
Schools using EduMESS across Africa
Teachers using EduMESS to process their results
Students get their results in the shortest possible time
Parents make payments easily in their comfort
Countries presence
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Achieve financial success with our digital franchise, earning over ₦350,000 per month. Scale your income quickly with performance-based rewards.

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12,000+ people already joined the EduMESS.
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Experience the satisfaction of our customers firsthand:

I used to live in Abuja, Nigeria where my school is but I had to relocate to Cyprus to further my education. Thanks to EduMESS' s virtual presence and its ability to help me run my school even while away in Cyprus. Now I am in Cyprus, things are moving normally back home.

Mrs. Ify Eunice Okoli Proprietress, Deraline Seed of Faith School, Abuja

EduMESS has taken my school and management abilities from mediocrity to excellence. No more micro-managing or financial worries. With EduMESS, I feel like a CEO.

Mrs. C M Umeh (JP) Proprietress, Crown of Glory Schools, Anambra state.

I started using EduMESS as my default school management solution and I have since enjoyed all the wonderful features it offers. Most importantly, it has given me a way to make more money by subscribing to their affiliate program and inviting other school owners to use this amazing school management solution.

Mrs. Elizabeth Ugiagbe Proprietress, Kingston Children School Benin City.

Over 50+ Schools are already using EduMESS every day

A better and Stress-free life with EduMESS

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