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Frequently Asked Questions

What if there is a system crash in our school, what happens to the school data?

Your data is not stored on your system but in the cloud. So, if your system crashes it does not affect the data stored on EduMESS.

Can it be used on a mobile device?

Yes it can, the system is built to work on any device phones, tablets, laptops etc. An APP is designed for the school, parents and students, which can be downloaded on play store.

Is it expensive?

It is the most affordable App, most clients feels is too good to be true

Can EduMESS mobile app be customized for a school?

Yes, the mobile app can be customized for a school

Can the portal work as a Learning Management System (LMS)?

Yes, the portal has online assignments, grading, educational videos, and even holiday programmes.

How flexible is the software?

EduMESS software is so flexible that most reports and features can be edited or customized to meet the needs of the school in particular.

Will payments made at the bank reflect on the portal?

Yes, when parent makes a payment to the bank, the transaction will reflect automatically on the portal while the parent will keep the teller and recipt from the bank.

How secure is EduMESS?

The platform is secured and encrypted through: SSL (Secure Socket Layer). Our expert architecture. Hosted with Amazon one of the biggest and most trusted hosting companies.

Does the portal accept excel upload?

Definetly, if excel is used to compute student’s results, register multiple students, and for some other data input it can be uploaded at ease.

Does the portal generate graphs and other analytics?

Yes, the portal generates several analytical reports.

When sending results to parents do they get results for the whole class or get for their child/children?

Parents would only gain access to their child/children’s results.

Can EduMESS accept records from other school portals if we want to migrate?

Yes, we can format and upload all the records.