EduMESS for School Owners

School owners can see real-time updates across various schools with data analysis of staff, parents and students population, finances, attendance etc. from a multi-campus unified dashboard


AI pupil finder

EduMESS AI pupil finder is an artificial intelligence tool that enables schools source for potential parents.
  • Schools can build a pipeline of potential parents and students.

  • Engage parents by creating awareness of the values your school has to offer and acquire them.

  • Increase the number of your students the next term by 98%.

Benefits of EduMESS to School Owners

Cut Income Losses

Eliminate loss of money by 99%, by tracking every fee, income and expense from one dashboard

Grow your School Exponentially

Grow your schol using our AI pupil finder

Increase Fees Payment

Improve school fees payment from parents by 50% through the fee contributory wallet

Cut Operational Costs

Cut operational costs by eliminating paper work and operational overload that leads to loss of money

Eliminate Stress

Easily monitor and track activities for all schools from one unified dashboard, from any location

Easily Accessible

Store and retrieve valuable information from any location

Effective Communication

Improve interaction, communication, participation and fast track decision making between parents, staff and decision makers

Increase Productivity

Ensure that staff/teachers do what they are asked to do

Discover what you can do with EduMESS.

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