EduMESS for K-12

Learning and management of nursery, primary and secondary shools is seamless with EduMESS. Administrators, staff, parents and students have all been provided with features to ensure that the gap between school administration and learning is bridged


EduMESS for Parents

  • Monitor and track childs's academic progress, reports, attendance, results and class schedules in real-time via SMS, whatsapp, and email.

  • Schools fees payments, quick and simple online payments from thier dashboard. Parents can pay in part or in full on the fee contributory wallet.

  • Easy communication with the management and staff of your child's school, share information and suggestions, and also collaborate more effectively with the institution.

  • Get updated information of child's school fees using our wallet system.

  • Save up money for your child's school fees using our wallet system.

  • Get notified with quick information about important events like PTA meetings, reports and events.


EduMESS for Students

  • Easy access to learning materials, time-table and scheme of work anywhere and at anytime they want.

  • Do assignments remotely and submit with ease.

  • Engage in live classes anywhere and record them using our virtual classroom integration.

  • View results and track academic progress/performance with ease.

  • View all academic activities and track performance across all subjects, class, level and school sections.

  • Our gamified is designed to teach kids and student of all ages about a specific subject or skill through a game.

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EduMESS for Teachers

  • Manage students information and easily keep track of every student's activities in your class.

  • It helps you saves valuable time from administrative tasks by automating time-consuming daily tasks, such as timetable creation, manual attendance, curriculum, lesson notes etc.

  • Monitor academic progress/performance of your student.

  • Allows you to take online classes, write lesson notes, and send assignments and classwork to students.

  • Manage automatic and personalized comments for students.

EduMESS for Accountant

  • Supervise and manage School finances effectively.

  • Maintain and track income and expenditures transactions and generate financial reports with ease.

  • Ensure accurate receipting for students or parents, using our account terminal printer, no more errors in paper receipt.

  • Apply special discount, scholarship, credit for parent with xyz number of kids or staff with kids in school.

  • Responsible for the effective day to day administration of the school finances and keeping detailed financial records of Staff, Students or Parents (Paying fees, Payroll management, Salaries, Generate individualized bill per student or class).


EduMESS for Administrator

  • Ability to monitor and track school daily activities and administrative tasks on a single dashboard from any location.

  • Responsible for registration and allocation of school faculties, classes subjects, form/subject teacher, students and attaching a child to a parent.

  • Ease school fee payments and set reminders on fees, school activities to encourage collaboration with staff, students and parents.

  • Manage school configurations and settings with ease, have unlimited flexibility in creating your result type and assessment formats to be used by different faculties.

  • Responsible for reports/grading, promotions and assessment management, work is reduced and every student assessment goes through an automated grading process.


EduMESS Biotend

  • Mark staff attendance using EduMESS Biotend.

  • Track staff punctuality with ease.

  • Landmark Locator - Check if a staff is in the school premises.


EduMESS for Store Manager

  • Manage and supervise school inventory/supplies with ease.

  • Responsible for the maintenance of School stock items, materials and supplies.

  • Ensure accuracy of stock records, sales and updating records of inventories.

  • Supervise up-to-date records of receipts, and invoices from a simple dashboard.


EduMESS for Clinic Manager

  • Manage Student’s health records, easily keep track of students with specialties, allergies and minor ailments.

  • Supervise patients records, student’s appointments, patient schedules, prescriptions, clinic inventories and other data with ease.

  • Accurate patient records, it eliminates the chances of mistakes caused by humans’ hands as all the tasks are automated on a simple dashboard.

  • Saves the time of writing prescriptions, calculating and making bills, filing and hunting for patient records and also maintaining appointment schedules. As such, school clinic doctors or nurses can pay more attention to their patients and give them speedy and better service.

EduMESS for Cafeteria Manager

  • Supervise different types of food items offered in the canteen with ease.

  • Helps to keep track of daily activities carried out in a canteen.

  • View/track detailed reports of daily food consumption by students and simplifies all the canteen related process.

  • Helps the canteen admin to handle orders by reducing the waiting time for the students.

  • Using the EduMESS Voucher Card, students can buy food or any item anywhere and anytime.


EduMESS for Librarian

  • Easily track the number of books in the library and records of the students/staff in school library.

  • Helps the librarian to maintain the database of new books and books that are borrowed by students/staff along with their due dates.

  • Helps provide instant and accurate data regarding any type of book, thereby saving a lot of time and effort.

  • Enables librarian to maintain a 100% accurate inventory of booksnt schedules.

EduMESS for Transport officer

  • Manage/track transport, buses, routes and configurations.

  • Allocate drivers, buses and routes in the most efficient manner ensuring that they are no overload of students or shortage of busses on any school route.

  • Easily retrieve transport log information from a simple dashboard.

  • Track the payment of the school bus fees for each student using the bus.


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